Portfolio Information

  • Project name: SkyView Innovations
  • Category: AR /VR/XR /Web 3.0 / EcoSystem
  • Start Date: Oct, 2022

SkyView Innovations

Skyview Innovation’s focus is to deliver an Enterprise Grade Platform focused on leveraging Next Generation Technologies such as Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality (AR, VR, XR) and AI to help companies make better, more collaborative decisions by immersing themselves within the data. Businesses have a significant amount of data today. The current way of presenting and viewing data limits the ability to truly view the entire picture of their business in one immersive, collaborative experience. Our goal is for businesses of all sizes to leverage their entire corporate data set and use it as an asset. The platform gives the ability for users to interpret data from all sources and make strategic and tactical decisions based on the ability to visualize multiple streams in one view. Harnessing the data and then presenting it as a visual experience is a game changer. We are a visual society today, and this is the next evolution of how corporations will be able to make quick decisions. Having the ability to overlay multiple data sources and then drill down and correlate will allow executives to make the right decisions, ensure everyone is on the same page and allow for more precise future predictions