Ampio Ventures’ proven model ensures the robust pipeline of ideas and companies we support are vetted through our Ideation process, which is focused on taking the emotion out of each idea and evaluating it through several functional lenses. This allows us to focus on ensuring that the idea¬† fills a market need, as opposed to building a product and searching for a market fit.

Once Incubated, we act as Co-Founders, providing a deep and experienced leadership team that is not seen in such early stage companies. We deliver the right talent and resources from inside the Studio to drive successful outcomes.

As a Venture Studio, we are always open to a strategic partnership with like-minded individuals and companies who invest in Venture and are looking for Partner. We believe our process allows for more successful outcomes, because only the ideas that have been thoroughly vetted and approved by the Ampio Management Team moves on to Incubation.

For the Investor, the value proposition is clear: the experience of the Ampio Team, the emotionless, structured process, and the ability to additionally co-invest as a Limited Partner in specific opportunities (should there be a need), makes this an extremely compelling investment opportunity. If you are interested in learning more about how you can get involved, contact us to get in touch with Ampio.