New Founders/Experienced Entrepreneurs

Ampio takes an active approach to supporting ideas at the earliest phases. Our Ideation Process ensures that ideas are vetted by a team of experts with a combined 210+ years of experience as well as 20+ exits, eliminating many of the reasons why startups fail. Our Executive Team, doubling as Co-Founders, builds all the aspects of a business to allow for smooth scalability. Our team’s experience positions incubated companies for rapid growth, without breaking the operation.

Ampio focuses on 3 core incubation opportunities:

  • Internal and external ideas (not yet companies) that make it through Ideation to start on a path to becoming world class companies. 
  • Companies with their own IP that Ampio collectively believes it can commercialize, or visionary founders who have built great technology but need a seasoned team to achieve hyper-growth. 
  • Distressed companies who have received some level of funding but whose IP or products are not succeeding, and who have been identified via Ampio’s ideation process as having potential to be turned around towards growth.
Ampio ensures that companies that survive iteration have been through an exhaustive process and vetted from each functional area. Once incubated, our team of experts strategically lay down the building blocks of the company to allow for scale while taking an active part in almost every aspect of the business. Ampio provides founders with the right talent and resources from inside the Studio to drive successful outcomes.

Interested in learning more? Contact Ampio to get in touch and see how we can help you grow your business, from seed to sale.