Ampio Ventures today launched a venture studio for entrepreneurs, offering a new approach for growth companies that fosters better opportunities for success from concept and growth to exit. The Ampio leadership team approach provides emerging companies with a committed, broad-based set of business skills and expert guidance that is usually available only to more mature organizations.

Global venture funding as of August 2022 was at U.S. $25.2 billion. Early-stage financings are down by around 35%, and seed financing by 19% during the same period. The continuation of bear markets, economic slowdown and the specter of recession all appear to indicate a gloomy outlook for business. Nevertheless, some of the world’s most successful companies are living proof that economic downturns can present excellent opportunities for growing a business.

“Ampio is forging a new way to incubate companies at a time when innovation is crucial,” stated Jeff Kaplan, Ampio Co-Founder. “In this economy, early state companies need to use their capital to stay laser focused on business fundamentals like their core market proposition, alignment of IP with opportunity, and broader growth strategies. Making the most of their investment funds means they need access to more effective incubation techniques so that they can turn ideas into reality, stay lean, and turn on the profitability switch so that they can thrive and grow.”

Leadership Team
Ampio Ventures gives clients a bench of diverse, expert functional resources offering hands-on assistance for all aspects of the business – a virtual senior team whose scope and scale is beyond anything a younger company might normally afford or be provided by traditional investment firms. In addition to Jeff Kaplan and Travis Sales, the founding management team consists of Development, Operations, PR, Marketing and Leadership veterans and entrepreneurs Valerie Chan, Ibrahim Jackson, Julie Ginches, and Manuel Maestrini.

The team has contributed to the growth and sale of notable and impactful companies, with a combined 20-plus successful exits. Their expertise allows founders to focus on vision and innovation, undertaking on their clients’ behalf the heavy lifting that increases the potential to build a scalable self-sustaining company, using a model that requires less capital and less dilution of investment.

Ampio will focus on supporting three distinct types of organization:

  • Internal and external ideas (not yet companies) that make it through Ideation to start on a path to becoming world class companies
  • Companies with their own IP that Ampio collectively believes it can commercialize, or visionary founders who have built great technology but need a seasoned team to achieve hyper-growth.
  • Distressed companies who have received some level of funding but whose IP or products are not succeeding, and who have been identified via Ampio’s Ideation process as having potential to be turned around towards growth.

In fact, since Ampio’s inception in early July, several early-stage companies with a focus on developing enterprise immersive data solutions have undergone Ampio’s rigorous ideation process into incubation. With skill sets and experience from its Co-Founders, Ampio is in the process of cultivating these startups into market leaders in AR/VR/XR, Blockchain and AI to develop a competitive advantage globally.

“Ampio’s structured vetting process takes the emotion out of decision-making designed to eliminate bad ideas and creates a smaller but higher quality portfolio of companies,” said Travis Sales. “90% of startups funded by traditional early-stage investment mechanisms fail within the first year; Ampio’s proprietary structured process coupled with a team that functions as co-founders eliminates many of these pitfalls. The Executive Team helps lay down the building blocks of the company and delivers strategic and tactical playbooks from one of the strongest management teams to be found in any pre-seed entity.”

To learn more about Ampio Ventures, please visit or contact the studio directly at [email protected]. Interested investors can also apply here.

About Ampio Ventures
Founded by Jeff Kaplan and Travis Sales in 2022, Ampio Ventures is a Venture Studio focused on incubating commercially viable ideas and scaling self-sustaining growth companies in the Next Generation Technology Space leveraging AI, Big Data, Blockchain, AR/VR/XR and other leading technologies. Ampio Ventures founders’ have a combined 250 cumulative years in finance, M and A, management, operations, sales, product, and marketing. Ampio’s formula for success, along with its proven and structured ideation process, is designed to build strong foundational companies that don’t fail. For more information, go to